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All-day 12:00 22:00
Meal typeOpeningClosing
All-day 12:00 22:00
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All-day 12:00 22:00
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All-day 12:00 22:00
Meal typeOpeningClosing
All-day 12:00 22:00
Meal typeOpeningClosing
All-day 12:00 22:00
Meal typeOpeningClosing
All-day 12:00 22:00

Open throughout the year.

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0131 220 1111


343 High Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


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Having opened its doors in 2010, Angels with Bagpipes quickly established itself as one of the finest restaurants to have graced Edinburgh’s most iconic and historic street, The Royal Mile.


With upmost pride in sourcing fresh Scottish ingredients, Angels with Bagpipes presents a stunning seasonal menu that is divine to both the palate and eye.


Mixing an atmospheric Old Town setting with chic, contemporary looks, Angels with bagpipes reflects many of the city’s most defining features.


With a humble facade nestled in the beautiful 17th century building, rich tones of bronze and marble cascade throughout the two tiers of Angels with Bagpipes.


Our upper Dining Room is at the heart of Angels with Bagpipes with French windows that looks down onto Roxburgh Court. Lit with winged angel candlesticks, it is a vibrant, comfortable room that is a delight to dine in for both Lunch and Dinner as are our other elegant spaces




Our lower dining room is named Chanters after the pipe of a Bagpipe on which the melody is played, here you will find a warm and relaxing space adorned with luxurious curtains and tasselled light shades that cast an idyllic glow making Chanters perfect for a very special dining experience. It is also ideal for larger parties and private dining from celebrating an occasion to hosting a corporate event. For further information, please visit our Events page.




For a truly intimate dining experience, the beautiful Halo room floats above Roxburgh’s Close, offering a perfect table for two to four people. This petite and perfectly formed pocket of Angels with Bagpipes is laced with romance. The floor to ceiling window is set back into the Roxburgh Close which captures the bustling Royal Mile whilst you dine in a tranquil haven.


A lovely wee fact was discovered that Roxburgh Close was named in memory of a gentleman called John Roxburgh, a professional Chef who lived in the building from 1635. It’s a delight that nearly 400 years later, Angels with Bagpipes continues a well-worn tradition.


Rather harder to explain are the paintings which were uncovered on the ceiling of Roxburgh’s Close during renovation work. You can see them by walking through the close and looking up from the Halo Room.




Sit outside with us throughout all months, with tables situated on the heart of the Royal mile facing St. Giles Cathedral. Relax in summer and soak up the energy of the infamous Fringe festival in August. During winter we invite you to sit comfortably under heat lamps, with a tartan blanket and a dram of Whisky. Not forgetting a glass of our delicious homemade mulled wine served exclusively in the Christmas period.




Head Chef Fraser Smith leads our kitchen with great experience from some of Scotland’s finest restaurants. Fraser has been a driving influence to Angels with Bagpipes since opening our doors in 2010. His natural passion for quality, precision and flavour has gained Angels with Bagpipes a glowing reputation in a city abundant with restaurants of the highest standards.


He prides himself in sourcing the best ingredients and allows the quality to shine through his clean, elegant dishes. By blending innovative and traditional techniques, Fraser works with profound energy, keeping our menu fresh, exciting and stunning throughout all seasons.