The Scottish Game Fair 2017

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The Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace is one of my favourite events of the year. I am from Perth, so it being a local event makes it that more special. I was there for a couple of days to enjoy the show, but also to support our clients who trade there year after year, but also, being an animal lover, to see the gun dogs, the birds of prey and of course the sheep dancing!


I had travelled down from a trip to The Trossachs on Saturday and met up with Georgina from Established Events who was my companion for the day. First stop of course was the Food Hall. 9 extra traders there this year, I am pretty sure the space was larger this year than in previous years, of course it could be my ageing eyesight, however, the hall was packed with bodies all enjoying the spoils of some of Scotland’s best producers.


The diversity of the products on offer at the Game Fair is fantastic. You can spend a day in the hall and buy everything you would need to stock your cupboards, whether you are a sweet tooth or prefer something savoury, the Food Hall has everything!


It’s not just the producers that are on display, dotted around the grounds are some of the most fantastic street food trucks. The Rolling Stove offers everything gluten free, The Crispy Duck Rotisserie, part of the I Love Sausage family were there with their ducks wraps and duck fat chips, or if you just fancy a burger, then Simon Howie and The Buffalo Farm were there too.


You cannot go to the Game Fair without seeing some of the dogs in action. It’s not just the pros either. If you teach your dog a few tricks at home, you can put them to the test and see how their fetching skills compare to other dog owners.


I mentioned dancing sheep, and I was not kidding. I cannot remember the name of the gentleman who trains his sheep to boogie, but we were transfixed in astonishment as Nobby the sheep and his friends moshed away to Snap by The Power!


The birds of prey are always good models, they don't move! Some of them are simply stunning! The eagles are very impressive and the owls, well, how cute!!!

We even had a go on the .22 shooting range, a small wager was made and I won! I am still waiting to collect, but will ensure I do! 

The Game Fair is a perfect family day out. There is everything for everyone to enjoy. The weather behaved this year too which makes it all the better. I am already looking forward to next year!


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