The Cold Town House Warmin' Party has the Edinburgh Grassmarket buzzing!

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by Joanna Francoise Kent

The town house is back, and it’s no longer just for private members. It is the latest venue to revive and modernize a concept long with standing in the UKs hospitality scene.


The Cold Town House is set within the former historic Robertson Memorial Church and has undergone a spectacular revamp to showcase its many talents. For C.T.H. this means a good beer (their own) great food, live entertainment and view that doesn’t disappoint. The venue is laid out across three floors, in traditional town house fashion, but the similarities end there.


As we arrived, there were some fabulous showgirls to greet us at the ground floor entrance. I then spotted (excuse the pun) a lady in full cheetah outfit, sprawled effortlessly across one of the main tables.

At the time I did think this was rather unexpected from a brewery/pizza spot or even classic town house. However, I feel now it may have been representative of sign of things to come, as C. T. H hopes to host live music, comedy acts and from the looks of things, a plethora of entertainment within its walls.


The staff were super friendly and all in high spirits, keen to share the ethos of the spot with me.

I also snagged a couple of pieces of pizza fresh from their stunning and authentic pizza oven (custom made in Naples, with the dough base coming straight from their own beer). Needless to say the pizza did not disappoint.

The brewery on the first floor is quite a sight to behold as well. Customers are able to see the whole process through their floor to ceiling glass walls. No longer will we have to wait for an easterly wind to have the smell of beer wafting through our nostrils.


The real pièce de résistance however, has to be the roof-terrace. In a city where basements are more than commonplace to house many of our best bars, it was refreshing to have somewhere with a view, and some much needed outside space, and what a view it was, gazing up towards the castle, as fabulous by daylight, as it was lit up at night. One of the most coveted views in our fair city. 

The roof had some quirky traits as well: with a couple little ski gondolas perched along its edge, and drinks being served from its own branded Citroen van (a personal favourite of mine). It’s a great spot to mingle and interact with friends and make new ones, whatever the weather. Tinder may be able to take a break for a while.


It definitely breathes new life into the Grassmarket, which has over the decades become more of a spot for tourists than locals, so seeing the dynamic between the two was wonderful to see. Overall, it’s definitely worth a trip, and easily worth more than one!


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