REVIEW: On to Merchant Street, down the steps, through the doors, and Divino Enoteca will transport you to Italy

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“Which is your favourite restaurant?” This is a question I am asked at least 10 times every week without fail. It’s not one I mind being asked, I guess it goes with the gig! However, I am unable to offer an absolute answer. There have been a few memorable meals… Adam Handling at Caxton in London, Martin Wishart in Edinburgh, The Seafood Ristorante in St Andrews. There have been a few stand-out dishes too, like Mark Greenaway’s insanely delicious and creative ‘Barbecued home-grown Shiitake Mushrooms served with Toasted Sourdough and Truffled Butter’ and my favourite seafood dish of all time, David Aspin’s ‘Seafood Linguine’. However, to start naming restaurants would be unfair and unrealistic. What I can say though, is that my favourite type of food is Italian. I LOVE Italian food! If I was on Death Row, my last meal request would be a beautifully simple tagliatelle with butter, garlic and truffles. Simple, honest and delicious. Anyway, the point I am trying to make here, is that I am a fan of Italian cuisine! So… when I was asked to review the new menu at Divino Enoteca in Edinburgh, it was safe to say I was a tad excited! Italian fine dining, fresh pasta, good wine, intimate atmosphere, what’s not to look forward to!

Divino Enoteca is part of the Crolla family owned Vittoria Group, along with ‘Vittoria on the Walk’, ‘Vittoria on the Bridge’, ‘A Taste of Italy’ and the King of Pizza restaurants in Edinburgh, ‘La Favorita’. 

With 2 AA Rosettes, Divino Enoteca is a little more refined in its offering, not to say the food throughout the whole group is not fantastic, it is - La Favorita Review: - it’s just a different dining experience at Divino Enoteca. The setting, the lighting, the environment, the staff, the menu, the finish…delizioso!

Located on Merchant Street, under George IV Bridge, Divino Enoteca is dark, sophisticated, elegant and dare I say it…sexy. The walls are dressed with wine bottles and the dark leather adds to the unmistakeably Italian undertones. There has clearly been time and effort put into the décor of the restaurant, you feel like you are in an episode of Mr. Ben where you walk through the doors and are transported into a different World. All of this of course adds to the whole experience.

The menus at Divino Enoteca bleed Italy, the antipasto, the fresh pasta, the classic desserts and of course the wines! On my visit I was wowed by the beautiful Porchetta Alle Erbe – roasted pork belly in herbs – and fresh Squid Ink Ravioli. The ravioli was sensational, beautiful delicate flavours, perfectly balanced. My Rum Baba – traditional Italian sponge – was indulgent, boozy and so so tasty!

We had matched wines during our last visit and Silvio, the Sommelier, is a genius. Every wine was matched beautifully and again adds to the experience. In fact, the staff at Divino Enoteca are very special, they are very professional, very warm and friendly and know how to ensure they attend to you whenever you need them but not suffocate you. They truly care and that is so refreshing!

Divino Enoteca is a fantastic restaurant in every way. If you like me, are a fan of Italian cooking, then this is an Edinburgh restaurant you must visit. If you are looking for a Pizza go to La Favorita, if you are looking for a good Italian feast with friends and/or family, then go to Vittoria, if you are looking for the best late-night feed in town then go to A Taste of Italy, however, if you are looking for a romantic dinner, or something a little bit special, then Divino Enoteca will deliver. That is a promise.

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