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The 2 Train Journeys of India Menu for Patri

As we arrived at Northfield tube station we had a short walk along the high street to the restaurant, we were looking forward to sampling the menu at Patri as we were hungry and love Indian food.

The team were really welcoming, we took our recommendations from our host on the menu (there was quite an array of dishes to choose from).

The menu is split into two sections New Delhi Station and Marwar Junction, the top half of the menu is dedicated to dishes from New Delhi and influenced by the Mughali cuisine. The second half is focused on Marwar Junction which is the home to the Rajputana style of cooking.

The menu is influenced by the founder Puneet Wadhwhani who wanted to bring to life the snacks and dishes he once ate as a child growing up close to New Delhi train station.

There is a wide selection of drinks on offer at the bar, my guest ordered a Porn Star Martini which was really good. I  had a Masala Chai, with a little touch of sugar it was perfect, you could taste the spices used to infuse the tea.

From the Street food menu we had: -

Old Delhi Pani Puri and Khasta Aloo Kathari

Old Delhi Pani Puri Bombs -

Part of the enjoyment of this dish was creating a hole in the Pani Puri and adding potatoes, chick pea, red onions, tamarind and spicy water.  It was like an explosion of flavours in your mouth as you bit into the Puri. The wheat ball crunched and shattered in your mouth. Delicious!!

A great start on our journey through the menu.

Khasta Aloo Kathari – Puff pastry with lentils topped with chutneys

A very colourful looking dish with so many different flavours that come through, an variety  of textures from crisp/baked potato and vermicelli to velvety sweet yogurt which helped to balance the spice. Every mouthful was like a display going off in my mouth, I was gutted when this dish was finished.

On to our option from the classics - Neabi Seekkh Kebab - Traditional Seekh Kebab, which  was marinated in herbs and spices and served with chutney, you could tell that these spices had been well crafted and selected to create the perfect Kebab

From the Signature section we had Muggh Makhani and Daal Makhani

Murgh makhani - chefs special marinated chicken gently cooked in a buttery tomato cashew nut, gravy with honey and spices.

This is a Butter chicken dish with spectacular colour with flawless flavour, a very rich  & creamy, this has to be my favourite dish of the year so far which we mopped up with the light and fluffy Garlic Naan with chilli’s, the perfect accompaniment to the meal.

Daal Makhani 

Slow cooked black lentils, the chef cooked the lentils overnight and before serving adds spices and cream. The dish was quite delicate which combatted the richness of the butter chicken we ate,  we ate the lentils this with pilau rice.

The menu has a variety of specials to choose from:-  "The train station specials" -  The Railway Mix Grill, The Platform Mix Grill and Chef’s Special Thali of the day.  A dish to suit every palette.

Spices are brought in from Indian to create perfect and authentic food from India, the dishes are truly authentic and are created by an inspirational chef who puts his heart and soul into the food!

The credit for this tremendous feast goes to the Head Chef Vijendra Singh Rana and the team at Patri. Compliments on your food and creativity which stems from his experiences of cooking across the UK and Dubai.

We had a truly memorable dining experience and will go back again to sample the Thali’s and the many other options on the menu which is very cost effective.

139 Northfields Avenue, W13 9QT
0203 981 3388

 Facebook: Patri

Instagram: Patrinorthfields

Twitter: patristfood




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