Review for The My African Hob Supper Club in West London by Brucine

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When we arrived at the venue the table was dressed in a colourful African print table cloth and handmade floral decorations, tea lights decorated the room with some handmade art work - the scene was set.

While we waited for all the guests to arrive we sat in the garden and nibbled on some home-made plantain chips which had a little seasoning on them - they were moreish a perfect way to enjoy the sunshine.

We were offered Ginger beer a favourite at all Sierra Leonean parties we had the option to have it served with or without alcohol.

Which do you think I went for?

The Ginger beer had a very distinct home-made flavour, the rum changed the taste of the drink and went down a little too well. The ginger beer was fresh and refreshing and it left a hearty warm feeling in my stomach.


We were seated and our feast was about to begin the African Hob Supper Club

Our starter was Banana Akara – Sierra Leone style banana fritter served with homemade pepper sauce

You could only taste a small hint of banana and it was a little more savoury than I expected, a great starter accompanied by a home-made chilli sauce.

The chilli sauce was a great compliment it wasn't too spicy, it was created milder so that it catered to everyone’s pallets.

To wash down our meal we had karma Cola which is made of organic, Fairtrade ingredients and good sugar – it was really tasty.#drinknoevil


Skewered roast beef kebab with a spicy couscous

The roast beef was soft and moist, marinated in a peanut sauce, grilled with onions and sweet peppers. The peanut sauce was marinated into the beef, and you could taste the spices, the peanut sauce was very subtle. The couscous was a great accompaniment to the beef. I really enjoyed this course and it is a dish I’d love to create myself.

Our next course was Black eye peas stew with roasted sweet potato, I remember as a child having rice and peas and picking out the peas so I wasn't sure what to expect.

The stew was full of black eye peas, it was flavourful, a great consistency and was a rich stew which I really enjoyed and with the sweet potato, it was an incredible combination. I was starting to get full but wished I could take the rest home in a goodie bag! 

For dessert, we had pear tart with vanilla ice cream, the pear tart was scrumptious, it looked a little more like a cake than a tart, it had just the right level of sugar and the ice cream really completed the tart! 

This was my first ever supper club, the founder made us feel so welcome it felt like I was chilling out a home with friends.

Thanks for an amazing evening, great service and quality food.









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