REVIEW: Fahrenheit Restaurant at Genting Casino in Edinburgh

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I don’t eat at Fahrenheit because it is close to where I live, it’s because every time I go there, I am made to feel welcome, I am looked after and most importantly, I love the food and the cocktails!

I find it alarming that every time I have eaten at Fahrenheit, I am able to book without any concern that it may be full! Yes, I know it’s in a casino and with that comes a certain stigma, but why? The restaurant is comfortable, the environment is welcoming, the service is fantastic, and the menu offers dishes of creativity and quality. The beef is supplied by Henderson’s in Glenrothes, the fish and seafood by Welch’s and the chefs know how to handle them. Fahrenheit offers consistency and flavour that many restaurants cannot deliver, and when you get past the pre-conception that it might not be for you, then you are in for a treat.


I was back at Fahrenheit recently on route to a late night showing of Infinity War at Cineworld in Fountainbridge. I had heard that a new menu had been launched and I was keen to sample it. It was date night too, so a few cocktails were in order and on past experience, the cocktails are rather good!

I have already touched on the interior and warm welcome received at Fahrenheit and nothing was different, we were shown to our table and within minutes we had water, Artisan Bread and Mediterranean Olives to enjoy whilst we browsed the menu.


On this occasion it was Seared scallops Served with Glass Noodles, Lime & Chilli Dressing that caught my eye. Ok yes, I have a penchant for Scallops, but who doesn’t?! Much to the annoyance of my dining companion (I won this battle, I rarely win) and in the interests of showcasing choice, Natalie ordered the Stornoway Black Pudding, Served with Smoked Pancetta, Quail’s Egg and Caramelised Apple Aioli. To follow up, I chose the 12oz Ribeye Steak whilst Natalie opted for Monkfish and Tiger Prawn Red Thai Curry Served with Jasmine Rice, and to finish off we shared the Home-made Strawberry Cheesecake.


Is there any food in the World better than Scottish hand dived scallops? I will assume that many of you are nodding your head in agreement. Well this delicious plate of Asian influenced scallops were a lip smacking delight. Too many times, scallops are served with a very heavy and rich accompaniment, and you lose the glorious meaty freshness of the scallops. Not here, the subtle dressing and the delicate texture of the glass noodles allowed the flavour of the scallops to dominate and shine. Cooked beautifully, this was the perfect starter.


I must admit, I don’t often order a steak, it just seems too obvious, but I have recently rekindled my love affair, and knowing the quality of beef that Henderson’s in Glenrothes produce, I was eager to try the Rib Eye. It arrived with all the trimmings, the description of a side of onion rings seems a little understated when seeing the conical tower that gets placed in front of you! The steak was glistening with temptation and I could not wait to tuck in. Usually not moved by the offer of a sauce, I like the flavour of the beef to be untarnished, I was on this occasion intrigued by the Fahrenheit Chilli and Bourbon sauce which arrived in a small pouring jug. Ok look, I don’t really have any new superlatives to describe a perfectly cooked bit of Scottish Rib Eye, just take my word for it, it was cooked medium rare as I had requested, and it was perfect. The onion rings were crunchy and without any hint of greasiness or under cooking, and the sauce was surprisingly tasty! I am not a full time convert, but to have it there so you can dip in when you want to is nice, it is a very tasty sauce, and one that the Fahrenheit chef can be very proud of!


And so to dessert. At this point we were short on space as the portions at Fahrenheit are shall we say generous, so sharing a cheesecake seemed like the logical choice. Again, this was the chef’s own recipe and the balance of cheese to biscuit base to coulis was just right. Texture and flavour combined and delivered in equal amounts. Lovely and sweet, but light and creamy, this was a cheesecake that was fought viciously over and rightly so. I got about a third of it.


Cocktails are very subjective, everyone has a favourite and most like the classics. The Fahrenheit version of the Porn Star Martini was particularly good, and to make sure I stayed awake throughout the movie I finished the evening with a classic Espresso Martini. There are several cocktails to choose from and whatever your fancy, Fahrenheit will accommodate you.


In summary I will say one thing and one thing only… go to Fahrenheit. It’s as simple as that!

Fahrenheit Restaurant at Genting Casino in Edinburgh:


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