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When you are travelling to Glasgow to attend the Scottish Style Awards, then you may as well go big in keeping with the theme of the event and book a room at the most luxurious and iconic hotel in Scotland’s largest city.


What used to be home to the Royal Scottish Automobile Club, was restored with loving care and attention, along with a whopping £25m, by hotelier Peter Taylor, before being sold to current owners Starwood Hotels in early 2015. Boasting 100 rooms including a penthouse that has welcomed some of the worlds biggest superstars such as Beyonce and Brad Pitt, The Blythswood is Glasgow’s only 5 Star hotel, and when you stay there, you breathe luxury.


Sadly, the penthouse was booked the night we stayed, so we had to slum it in one of the ‘Superior Rooms’! Greeted on arrival by the Porter and ushered to reception, every moment feels like privilege. Surrounded by smiles and warmth, you are made to feel very special when you are a guest at The Blythswood. After checking in, the Bellhop assisted us with our bags and showed us to our room.

On entering the room, the first thing you notice is the open bathroom with a large section of the marble walls missing, so you can see through into the bedroom. The design is, I presume, to ensure a sociable and open environment. The large bed is perfectly made and drips of comfort. A sofa sits at the foot, with a table to enjoy your morning tea perhaps, whilst enjoying Good Morning Britain on the vast television attached to the wall. On the table is a pretty slate with confectionary and Scottish tablet, compliments of the hotel, and a card welcoming you to The Blythswood from the management.


We had arrived late afternoon, so only had 4 hours before we needed to leave for the Style Awards. That meant that Natalie was under pressure to get ready in time, so I threw on my tux and made my way down to the bar and left her to do whatever it is that women do. How it takes 4 hours to put a dress and a bit of slap on I will never know! The voice in my head saying cocktails, cocktails, in a seductive tone was too much to ignore, so I perched at the end of the bar, smiled at the barmaid, she smiled back awkwardly and then asked her male colleague to tend to me. Cocktail please? My cocktail was expertly mixed, looked inviting and tasted delicious. A little too good! Knowing I had a long night ahead of me, I restrained myself and followed it up with a more sobering and far less exciting lime and soda!


5 hours later, Natalie appeared and we Ubered it to the Kelvingrove Museum for the Scottish Style Awards. A great night was had, but this is not the time nor place to indulge… jump forward to the morning after the night before, and I am glad to report we had both made it back to the hotel in one peace, with all items in our goody bags still unopened and intact! Feeling a little delicate, we were determined to make it to breakfast, so with every ounce of energy, we lifted ourselves out of the gloriously comfortable bed, and with every step akin to wading through treacle, we made it to the restaurant!


Breakfast at The Blythswood is an event! So much choice! Trying to choose when every single thought is causing another blood vessel to pop is not easy! The Pancake Station was my first port of call. Lovely fluffy pancakes with crispy bacon and sweet maple syrup! I sat down and my first smile of the day stretched across my face as I tucked in. On any normal day this might have been sufficient, however, in need of salt and carbohydrates I ordered Eggs Benedict whilst Natalie went a step further and ordered a full Scottish Breakfast. The eggs were perfect, as I pierced the outer shell I gazed longingly as the yolk oozed out, covering the ham and soaking into the crisp muffin. It took several cups of coffee and more slices of toast I would care to remember, however the breakfast had hit the spot, and the slow road to recovery had gained momentum. 


Before we checked out, there was one more thing to do. The spa. The spa at The Blythswood is not like any spa I have ever seen before. It is a like a dark maze of tunnels where at every turn there is something else for you to explore. The dim lighting, the little nooks and hidden rooms. The design encourages you to embark on a circular journey where you just keep going round and round and round. Every few minutes a different jet of water appears, or the bubbles start to arise from another corner. It’s like I had fallen down the rabbit hole, and the intrepid little boy in me didn’t want to return to solid ground! Not only did it cure the most vexatious hangover but invigorated my weakened body enough to face the reality of the day ahead. We had a late lunch at The Spanish Butcher to look forward to, so after a skin wrinkling 3 hours, we had to tearfully bid the spa adieu.


With a heavy heart we made our way back to reception and checked out. A harsh reality overwhelmed me as I handed over my credit card. This was a fairy-tale and sadly I was on the last page. Public transport and a ground floor flat in a tenement block awaited me. What I can take with me though are the memories (along with some shampoo and conditioner) of The Blythswood, and now those memories are immortalised here. Even as I write this, a sense of warmth has overcome me, The Blythswood was for us a treat, and a wonderful treat it was. A beautiful hotel, in beautiful surroundings where you are treated like royalty just for that short moment in your life. Thank you to everyone at The Blythswood for giving us the memories.

The Blythswood Hotel:


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