Patri Indian Restaurant, Ealing is now open.

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Patri - inspired by the menus of India's great railway journeys.

Founder, Puneet Wadhwhani (also founder and creative director of independent street food chain, Chai Naasto), has created a never-before-seen menu bringing to life the snacks and dishes he once ate as a child growing up within a bicycle ride of New Delhi train station, and of those he remembers eating on board India’s great rail journeys.

From rail side snacks, such as ‘girlfriend chaat,’ cooked on the platform and handed to travellers through the windows of passing trains, to the fragrant curries, such as, ‘rare ghost,’ cooked on board, Patri’s menu centres around the distinct culinary journeys of India’s historic railway stations.

Dishes from New Delhi Station
The capital of India and place of origin of the wildly popular butter chicken. Meanwhile, Old Delhi heavily influenced by Mughall cuisine, is where you’ll find tender kebabs, fragrant curries and all manner of chaat.
Dishes include:-

Cycle Wale Bhaiya Mattar Kulcha 6.95 (See image) A hearty bowl of spiced white peas, tomatoes, green chilli, coriander leaves scooped up with hot buttered kulcha bread.

Rara Ghost Lal Mirch 12.95 (See image) Slow-cooked lamb, warmly spiced with notes of aniseed.

Dishes from Marwar Junction
Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan. Home to the Rajputana style of cooking which focusses on gamey meats made with spicy marinades and elegant royal sweets. Here, 75% of the population is vegetarian leading to some of the best veggie food in the country

Girlfriend Chaat 4.95 (See image) Insanely hot spiced wheat balls scattered with extra hot namkeen mix, tomato and chilli considered by locals to be the world’s hottest chaat.

Safed Machi Mas (See image)  A celebratory curry of monkfish curry cooked in almond cashew paste, fresh cream, yogurt, khoya and dried fruits.

Train Specials include The Platform Mixed Grill 14.95, a big plate loaded with aloo samosas, harass bhara kebab, chaat bombs paneer tikka, paan patre chaat. 
Grills, ever-popular at station snack stops, are cooked at Patri in the Tandoor at over 400 degrees emulating authentic furnace cooking.

An all-award-winning wine list has been specially selected to pair with dishes.
A well-stocked bar featuring indpendent and lesser known brands comes with a fun and comprehensive cocktail list such as Passion Fruit Martini, Grapefruit Collins and Gin & Tonic
Soft drinks choose from Royal Flush Kombucha, Karma Cola sugar-free, Gingerella ginger ale and more, from 2.00

Note: The Indian Railways, first established during the British Raj, operate more than 7,000+ trains every day, carrying over 20,000 passengers on both long distance and suburban railway tracks or 'Patri'.
PATRI - Opening Friday, November 30th 2018
139 Northfields Avenue, W13 9QT
0203 981 3388
Facebook: Patri
Instagram: Patrinorthfields
Twitter: patristfood




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