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debbie&andrew’s commissioned OnePoll to run a ‘Lifetime of Meat’ survey and find out exactly what makes a sausaholic.  To measure up as a real sausage fan, the poll showed you will be consuming two packs of pork (usually Cumberland) sausages a month. Most likely you’ll eat them for breakfast, but not exclusively.  A real sausaholic doesn’t just leave sausages to breakfast or a sarnie, they will smuggle in pigs in blankets around a roast chicken at least twice a month and they will also eat sausage and mash and toad in the hole in the winter or attend up to 10 bbqs every summer.

Sausaholics eat 2,771 sausages in their adult life according to the Lifetime of Meat survey.  On average, respondents ate sausages twice a month, but 12% qualified as true sausage addicts by confessing to eating up to 16 sausages (just over two packs) a month.  A true sausaholic will eat twice as many sausages as burgers.  

When it comes to saying how they most loved to eat sausages, respondents chose breakfast first, (29%) closely followed up by a sausage sandwich (23%), or at a bbq (15%) which just pipped a simple sausage supper or lunch (14%).

When choosing what it takes to make a top of the pops sausage, respondents voted for their favourite meat.  Pork was the star performer, being three times as popular with respondents as the next most favourite meat for a sausage - beef (15%).  Sausaholics love an old fashioned sausage, but will also experiment with everything from chipolatas to cocktail, hot dog to Lorne (flat), pigs in blankets and even count black pudding and battered sausage in the mix.  The top flavour was pork and apple then caramelised red onion which just out ran the more traditional pork and leek and pork and herb. 

It was these more traditional types of sausage that dominated the race to win the regional variety stakes.  Cumberland (27%) out stripped Lincolnshire (18%) but the British sausage is being challenged in popularity as Chorizo, Salami, Frankfurter and Bratwurst all appeared in the top 10 regional varieties chosen.

A real sausaholic doesn’t care what time of year it is, and will go on eating their favourite bangers in sun or rain, winter or summer (62%). When a preference was expressed, sausage eating was three times more popular in winter than summer. 

Further underlining the popularity of sausages as the ideal winter food, sausages featured strongly in respondents choice of top three comfort foods.  In fact, full cooked breakfasts, sausage and mash, toad in the hole and sausage egg and chips all featured in the 10 dishes most frequently eaten, while a roast was voted the number one comfort food.  Sausaholics surrounded their roast most frequently with pigs in blankets (53%) or stuffed it with sausagemeat (35%) or added sausages to the roasting pan (21%) but it was close run choice with those whose favourite ‘trimming’ was bacon on the bird!

64% of those polled said that the origin of the sausages was quite or very important to them with an enormous 81% saying they typically buy British either all the time or wherever possible. 23% always checked the origin when shopping but 60% said they only sometimes knew the origin. 

debbie&andrew’s spokesman Ian Bagnall commented:  “Our premium sausages are made from meat that is always sourced from British farmers who meet Red Tractors standards.  We are proud to make this clear on our packaging and I’m really pleased the survey shows so many consumers clearly care about where their meat comes from.   This survey also revealed that sausages are an important part of many people’s lives, whether as a key ingredient of the first meal of the day, or a comforting part of what makes a dish traditional and British.  This is why we take such care to make debbie&andrew’s sausages lean and succulent and also offer a gluten, wheat and dairy free choice.  We have also just launched a reduced salt and fat chipolata to give even more choice to sausaholics.  We believe our sausages are an important choice for people who want a meaty meal that is really satisfying to eat as part of a balanced diet”.

More details on debbie&andrew’s charity projects, recipes and products are available at or Facebook  or Twitter @d_a_sausages. 


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