Bubble Magik Land Permanent Concession in Selfridges, London

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Bubble Magik are excited to announce the launch of their third site, which has opened in Selfridges, London, Bubble Magik’s new site is located just outside Selfridges Kitchen on the fourth floor and is the first bubble tea concept to launch in the iconic London store.

This amazing new location, is designed by an award winning design studio. The build is spread over 250 sq. ft and houses a bar, illuminated graphics and a long table top for customers who want to enjoy their tea in the space and take a moment to relax during their visit to the store.


Bubble Magik are passionate about their bubble tea. Bursting with flavour, each drink is handmade using a bespoke combination of freshly brewed whole leaf tea and infused with fruity flavours. Customers can choose from a wide-ranging menu of fruit and milk based teas and a selection of toppings.  For those bubble tea drinking ‘pros’ Bubble Magik offer their ‘Magik Mixes’ which are personalised combinations.

On of Bubble Magik’s founders commented: “Being part of one of the world’s most iconic retail destination is a major step forward for Bubble Magikwhich was created with luxury retail in mind and we hope to bring excitement and refreshment to a much larger audience”

All of Bubble Magik’s drinks are full of fun and popping with uniqueness, making them the perfect on-the-go refreshment with a flavour for everyone. Bubble Magik is full of surprises and is sure to captivate not only your mind but also your imagination. Everyone has a favourite so come and find out what yours is?


Bubble Magik, Selfridges, Oxford Street, 4th Floor (outside Selfridges Kitchen), 400 Oxford Street, London, W1A 1AB

Opening Hours

Mon/Fri – 11am – 9pm

Sat – 11am-9pm

Sun – 12pm – 6pm


Bubble Magik – bubblemagik.com - #bubblemagik



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