Brits Most Saucy Habits Revealed

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28th May 2019 – New research released by Uber Eats reveals that 61% of Brits believe it’s acceptable to take their own condiments with them when they leave the house. They are following in the footsteps of culinary expert Nigella Lawson, who is said to never go out without mustard in her handbag and global superstar Beyoncé who carries hot sauce in her bag….

The findings show that condiments are playing an increasingly bigger role in our eating habits, with 43% of us consuming more than ever before. In fact, nearly half of the nation believe that it is essential to have a condiment with every meal. Whether that’s topping up the curry sauce on your chips or adding a dash more sriracha to your ramen noodles; it’s clear to say that we like to add a little sauce.   

Ketchup reigns king of the condiments, with a fifth of Brits voting it their favourite, followed by mayonnaise in second place and brown sauce being knocked out of the top three by sweet chilli sauce which now comes at number three. 

Vinegar, another considered classic, is now one of the lesser popular condiments; in fact two-thirds of us rarely use it to accompany any of our meals, with a fifth disregarding it completely.

Brits are also developing a growing thirst to spice up their lives with interesting flavours. In the last year, the consumption of garlic mayo rose by 11% and Piri Piri sauce by 10%.

This isn’t the only sign that our flavour palettes are developing a taste for adventure, with research showing that people are now creating weird and wonderful condiment/meal combinations including chips and strawberry milkshakes and bacon and peanut butter sandwiches. 

Henry Harding, Head of Marketing, Uber Eats, UK and Ireland “Dips, spreads and sauces are the perfect partners to any takeaway. Whether it’s the harmonious accompaniment of tangy sweet chilli to go with your spring rolls or creamy garlic mayo to dip your pizza in. On the Uber Eats app, we have a wide variety of tantalising dishes on offer to suit all tastes, from smoky, salty and spicy to sweet, mellow and tart… And don’t worry, we won’t hold any judgement against whatever unusual condiment or dish combination you might order!”

The UK’s Top 10 Favourite Condiments

  1. Ketchup
  2. Mayonnaise
  3. Sweet Chilli sauce
  4. Brown Sauce
  5. Garlic Mayonnaise
  6. Curry sauce
  7. Vinegar
  8. Mustard
  9. Piri Piri
  10. Burger Sauce

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