BBQ lovers rejoice! Reekie's Smokehouse has got everything you want and more!

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Summer is here! Well we have had a week of sunshine, so in Scotland that counts as summer! People are rushing to their sheds and wiping the cobwebs off their barbecues in anticipation of that 3-hour window before the rain starts again! We all love a BBQ, we just don’t enjoy them often enough!

Well… panic not! What if I told you there was a restaurant in Edinburgh, that served up some of the tastiest BBQ you could imagine, 5 days a week! Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, Reekie’s Smokehouse! Located at the top end of Holyrood Road in Edinburgh, Reekie’s Smokehouse offers everything for the BBQ lover and more. I was there for lunch last week, and let’s just say, it was rather good!

Husband and wife team, Craig and Felicity Cameron, originally from West Lothian (Edinburghish), have travelled much in their lives, and for the last 8 years and have lived in London, Morocco and Nigeria. Drawing influences from their travels, along with a desire to showcase Scotland’s bountiful natural larder, Reekie’s Smokehouse was born. With a menu that boasts a variety of locally sourced slow cooked meats, including tasty pork shoulder, mouth-watering ribs, Scottish Pork and succulent beef brisket! Yes, I am drooling!

I arrived to a warm welcome from Craig and Felicity and before I sat down I listened in admiration to them talk with such passion and enthusiasm about what they are doing at Reekie’s and why. Oh, just an fyi, they source their beef from John Gilmour Butchers in Macmerry, West Lothian. Gilmour’s is one of the most well-known and respected butchers in Scotland, and have been supplying some of the best restaurants in the country since 1946. They also now have an online shop that will deliver meat boxes to your door! We like that!

In the interests of being thorough with this review, I felt it only right to order a MeatFest, 4 meats and 4 sides! Professional choice of course! So I sat down with my buzzer, which would alert me to when my feast was ready, and took in the surroundings. As you would expect in a BBQ restaurant, open space, wooden tables, all very rustic, warm and omfortable.

My table of food arrived very quickly, and in front of me I had tubs of various goodies. Brisket, burnt ends, pulled pork, smoked haggis and ribs, accompanied by homemade slaw, whisky soaked jalapenos, pickled cucumber and whisky soaked bbq baked beans. I also had a bag of triple cooked chips covered in a smoked rosemary salt! The whisky they use at Reekie’s is Pig Nose by Ian MacLeod distillers, one of my favourite blends!

Where to begin! Ribs of course! Unlike many ribs you might find in restaurants up and down the country, the rub is a dry rub, which coats the meat in a fiery spice so you have a beautiful crunchy texture before you get to the beautifully succulent meat underneath. A blend of sweet and spicy, which when followed by a mouthful of slaw, is enough to get any food lover going!

The burnt ends were the only meat soaked in a sauce, a very rich and tasty beer stock gravy. The pork is lightly seasoned, but with the bbq beans, there is a fantastic balance of flavours. The tender brisket that melts in your mouth was delicious on its own, but add some kick to it with the jalapenos, and you have a perfect combination. A word of advice… the meat is spicy, no doubt, so make sure you order the slaw and the pickled cucumber if your palate isn’t accustomed to the heat! The freshness of the cucumber in particular, really helps balance it without taking anything away from the bbq flavour. You would be forgiven for thinking the MeatFest too much to take on, however, such is the quality of the meat and the clever addition of the sides, it is actually very easy to finish and not feel overly full.

There is a fantastic choice on the menu, and with such a relaxed environment, you could spend hours at Reekie’s and not realise it. There is a genuinely friendly vibe, and with a random mix of music from Craig’s iPod in the background, Reekie’s Smokehouse delivers a uniquely informal restaurant with a delicious food, who doesn’t want that!

I was offered a goody bag before I started to eat, but it ended up not being necessary. I loved it, and will most definitely be returning soon. A huge thank you to Craig and felicity for looking after me and all that is left to say, is get down to Reekie’s Smokehouse soon!

Reekie's Smokehouse

20 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AF


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