At Wine Online we are specialists in buying and selling superb, different and interesting wines. We believe that wine should be fun whether you’re buying or selling it but most importantly when you’re drinking it.


Although there are plenty of places where you can buy decent wine we like to go the extra mile to find special wines that not only taste good, but also have that extra quality to set them aside from the others.


Living and breathing wine every day, having to taste the wine and we have tasted our fair share and the traveling to the far corners of the globe in search of that one special drop of grape juice are the hardships we endure to enable us to provide exceptional wine by price and quality.


We love to share our knowledge with people when we recommend a wine and to allow you the customer to experience experimenting with wines, which we believe is a good thing so to allow you to realise this experience we will invite you to watch our live wine tastings of the month live on wine online TV with our very own wine connoisseurs.
Our philosophy is very much that the hard work starts, rather than finishes, when the wine has been delivered we are continually looking forward to the next opportunity; tomorrow, next month, next year. The thinking cap never comes off and the challenges never cease.




The business began after two friends started selling fish to a varied mixture of clientele. On meeting a possible new supplier for frozen fish the two friends were asked the question do you know anyone that can get wine in large quantities? The answer to the question was yes and the two friends now have a thriving wine business called DPRM (UK) Ltd.
The success is based on the company initially sourcing exclusive Italian wines in large quantities. The company was successful in being granted the contract with the largest hotel operator in Europe with numerous other contracts now being fulfilled along the way.
The ongoing growth of the business has subsequently increased the company’s wine and champagne portfolio and with the company’s policy of buying products in large quantities with cost prices being relevant to bulk purchasing.
Apart from achieving exceptional knowledge of wines over the past few years the directors have acquired ‘The Nose’ to identify wines of exceptional quality but easy on the pocket.