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It has been a great week for Mark Greenaway.

The Scottish chef, restaurateur and now author, launched his debut cookbook ‘Perceptions, Recipes from Restaurant Mark Greenaway’ describing it as ‘a Scottish cookbook like no other’.


Released on 12th July, Greenaway’s debut cookbook ‘Perceptions’ sold out on online retailer, Amazon UK, the same day of the cookbook’s release. 


The initial print run of 10,000 has been snapped up by fans eager to get their copy of Greenaway’s much-anticipated book. Demand is outstripping supply, and after only two days, a second print run was ordered. Interest for ‘Perceptions’ has come from far and wide. The book has been sold in 16 countries from France to South Korea. ‘Perceptions’ has jumped up the charts on Amazon from 12th on the ‘British Food & Drink’ chart to number 1 on Amazon’s ‘Hot New Releases’ chart. Reviewers on Amazon have already awarded the cookbook five stars.


The debut book launch was quickly followed by the news Restaurant Mark Greenaway was named Number 1 Best Restaurant in Scotland by London-based Square Meals who released their UK Top 100 Restaurants 2016 this week. Not only was the restaurant number 1 in Scotland, Mark retains his place as number 13 in the whole of the UK.


Chef Mark Greenaway said:

“I couldn’t be happier with the reception I have received since the launch of ‘Perceptions’, it has been incredibly humbling. This has been a long process, taking over a year but a book of this much detail takes time to perfect.

I can’t believe the book sold out on the day of its launch! We are delighted ‘Perceptions’ will start its second print run in a few weeks and it’s topping the charts on Amazon. And all this coming in the same week we are chosen as Scotland’s Best Restaurant by Square Meal – what a week it has been!”

A series of events helped launch Mark’s new book with hundreds of people, including Scottish novelist Ian Rankin, attending a series of pre-launch events.


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