Shoryu Summer Cocktails

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Avocado Nikkei


Fresh avocado gently blended with namazake, Pisco, agave syrup and lemon juice.

Turn your mates green with envy and wash down our Avocado Nikkei. Namazake and Pisco are muddled with tangy lemon juice, smooth avocado and sweet agave syrup, hard shaken and poured over ice cubes. Enjoy our take on a Pisco Sour with a side of yakitori skewers, sushi or sashimi.

Okinawa Sunrise


Tiki cocktail with fresh mint, mango puree, orange juice, maraschino and Cor Cor Red with a sweet touch of grenadine syrup and falernum.

Our Okinawa Sunrise is like a summer breeze on a hot day, grab this tropical and fruity tiki cocktail consisting of fresh mint, mango puree, orange juice, maraschino and Cor Cor Red rum with a refreshingly sweet and sour dose of grenadine syrup and falernum. Don’t forget those shades when stranded on this paradise island.

Pink Geisha

A delicate sour mix with Jinzu gin, Cocchi Rosa, Josen sake, lychee puree, fresh raspberry and a dash of rose water.

Feel pretty in pink with our light and refreshing Pink Geisha cocktail rounded off with floral and fruity notes. Raspberries are muddled with a delicate sugar syrup then shaken with Jinzu gin, Cocchi Rosa aperitif wine, Josen sake, lychee puree and finished with a few drops of rose water. Kanpai!

Ume Hana


A mix of namazake, apricot brandy, plum puree, St Germain liqueur and finished with jasmine tea syrup.

Tea never tasted so good! Jasmine tea syrup tops off this fun and fruity mix of namazake, apricot brandy, plum puree and elderflower flavoured St Germain liqueur. Our Ume Hana is finished with a mint whisp and orange peel. Goes great with our hearty tonkotsu ramen or charcoal grilled yakitori. 


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