Quick Fire Questions with Paul Kitching from Michelin Star restaurant 21212 in Edinburgh

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Paul Kitching, Chef/Patron of Michelin Star restaurant 21212 in Edinburgh, takes time out to answer the Citylicious 'Quick Fire Questions'

Paul Kitching is the chef propreitor of one of Edinburgh's most well known  restaurants. Elegant luxury and magical food with a refreshing smattering of madcap fun, in the classy heart of Georgian Edinburgh. Paul Kitching 21212 opened in Edinburgh in May 2009. It has received rave reviews and numerous awards including a Michelin Star in 2010. It is Edinburgh’s only Michelin starred restaurant with rooms.

Why a chef?

Why not? You don’t need to be clever, thank goodness!

Who was your mentor?

Ian MacAndrew, and more obviously MPW.

Your journey?

Relais & Châteaux, Michelin trail usual suspects, Gidleigh Park. And 12 years at Juniper.

Food hero?

See 2.

Food Heaven?

Not cooking.

Food Hell?

Still not cooking (or fish eating vegans?)

Favourite Restaurant?

Monastrell in Alicante Michelin

What’s your style?

Personal to myself, classically French inspired – from the heart.

Busman’s Holiday? 

“Work and holiday”… No thanks! Holiday and alcohol more like it!


Should have been “cleverer” instead of a dunce.


CHECK OUT PAUL KITCHING'S 21212 HERE - https://goo.gl/NO9ZVv


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